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About Us

I made my first piece of furniture from the sides of a cable spool, covered it with leather and proudly gave it to my beautiful new wife. That was in 1968! I am still making furniture today although I have done a lot of things along the way. Today I run a small residential homes construction company, Massie Homes. Massie Furniture Manufacturing is the product of vision and much training in the ditches of life. We make a few at a time, control our quality and maintain the integrity of our name along with the goals of growth we have. I love the colonial and early American styles. We use North Carolina labor and American woods, no mdf or vinyl, and no imports. When we say "Made In The USA", that is exactly what we mean. All our pieces are influenced and drawn from the rich legacy left behind by earlier eras of our ancestors. We do make our own pieces along with cabinets for the homes we build. Those too are solid wood construction and we consider custom pieces one might desire to have constructed, perhaps adding it to our line as we are expanding. We believe our businesses should stay home in support of our own great nation and its people. Greed has no place within this company and we strive to be fair in our pricing structure. One of the greatest efforts is to be a leader in returning business to the USA. Visit our theusapost.org site, which we are putting up in an effort to rebuild the integrity of our nation to its people and the rest of the world. America has always worked for the benefit of many nations and not asked for anything in return. When you build on a rock, there is no sand to wash away. Thanks for your visit. We hope you find something you are searching for.
Bob Massie